Performance testing of various condenser configurations for Thermoprobes is currently being performed at AFI’s facility in Anchorage, Alask

Thermoprobes are non-structural high-capacity two-phase thermosyphons that are used to provide passive refrigeration to maintain or create permafrost.

Thermoprobes are used to allow heated structures to be constructed at-grade on permafrost. Additionally, they are used to passively refrigerate the soil around buried heat sources - i.e. pipelines, wells, utilidors, etc. - to preclude thawing and subsequent settlement of the permafrost. Thermoprobes are also used to create frozen barriers for hazardous materials, to create impervious frozen dams for water control, and to provide frozen encapsulation of hazardous materials. 

Thermoprobes installed to freeze tailings dam core at Kubaka gold mine in Russia

Thermoprobes loaded onto flatbed for transport
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