Thermo Helix-Piles

Thermo Helix-Piles are Thermopiles with helical shear rings attached and can be used in all applications where Thermopiles are appropriate. At one time, individual rings were used instead of the helix. Most applications use a helix that has a strip width of 2 inches (50mm). Typical Thermo Helix-Pile applications follow:


Thermo Helix-Piles loaded for shipment to Kotzebue, Alaska 

  • Generally, Thermo Helix-Piles support greater loads than adfreeze piles. Shear loading in lieu of adfreeze allows higher unit stresses that equate to shorter embedment depths.
  • Thermo Helix-Piles are used when high transient loads are expected. The flexibility of the helix allows a more uniform load distribution along the pile.
  • Thermo Helix-Piles are used to support  structures where consequences of foundation movement are high. Thermo Helix-Piles offer high redundancy.
  • Useable permafrost stress at helix diameter will be a minimum of twice the useable adfreeze stress at the pile diameter and is limited by the surrounding soil strength.


Thermo Helix-Piles supporting K-12 School at Kipnuk, Alaska

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