The Knoxville News-Sentinel (TN); March 7, 2005

OAK RIDGE -- The big chill is over. The big thaw has begun.

Federal contractors last year pulled the plug on an environmental project that for seven years kept a pond of nuclear waste in a frozen state.

The project was designed to stop radioactive pollutants from migrating into nearby streams and ultimately into downstream reservoirs used for recreation and drinking supplies. It was an interim measure until plans were in place to excavate the site and solve the problem permanently.

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Arctic Foundations specializes in frozen barriers and frozen soils technology

Petroleum Directory; Petroleum News; July 18, 2004

The frozen North may have met its match in Erv Long, principal owner of Arctic Foundations, Inc. His 50-plus years of northern engineering and the instinctive wizardry that comes with understanding both the land and weather cycles, puts Long right up there in the category of Permafrost King, or at least the guy who is up to the challenge of developing frozen lands building technology.

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Civil Engineering News; Environmental Engineering; June 2003

A frozen pond of radioactive waste will soon be thawed or excavated at the Oak Ridge National Laboratory, in eastern Tennessee, marking the end of an innovative containment demonstration project conducted by the U.S. Department Energy (DOE).  For almost six years the DOE has maintained the barrier of frozen soil around a 9,041 sq ft (840 m2) area contaminated with strontium 90, polychlorinated biphenyls (PCBs) and other toxins.


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Modern technology keeps the ground frozen year-round

Alaska Business Monthly; July 2004

Alaska’s harsh climatic conditions often have adverse effects on man-made infrastructure such as roads, buildings, railways, or pipelines. Over the years, a number of innovative solutions have been developed to help overcome these difficulties. One well-known example is that of the trans-Alaska oil pipeline, which employs a system of thermosyphon cooling devices that keep the vertical support members permanently frozen into the permafrost.

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Partners in Development; A Supplement to Petroleum News • Alaska; September 2001

Arctic Foundations, Inc. (AFI) is a locally owned and operated company located in Anchorage.  Despite its relative anonymity, the company has been successful on a global basis thanks to the innovative and award-winning thinking of its founder and president, Erwin ‘Erv’ Long.

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