The Anchorage Times (AK); February 22, 1990

While many Alaskans count the number of days until the big thaw, engineer Erwin “Erv” Long works to keep the ground frozen.

Hidden below the surface, permafrost forms a firm but fragile foundation for life in much of Alaska. Long’s projects include repair of the permafrost blanket and advance planning to prevent scars on the surface.

Long is a professional civil engineer who holds four United States and six Canadian patents for his permafrost foundation systems.  He calls his technique “self-contained mini-refrigeration systems.”

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Alaska Construction & Oil; February 1979

Always looking for a better way to do things, Erwin Long invented a self-refrigerating pile system (now used widely in Alaska), and then modified it for a variety of applications. Last year Long began fabricating and assembling the units in Anchorage instead of contracting all the work to Outside firms.

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Anchorage Times (AK); Business-Financial; July 29, 1976

One of Alaska’s few experts on permafrost, and an internationally recognized soil foundations engineer – Erwin “Irv” Long of the Alaska District, Corps of Engineers – retired this month after 28 years of Federal Service.

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